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Since 1996, Ege University Gymnastics Group has been operating with different groups. With the support of the university (department of health, culture and sports), it participates in events (competitions, shows of national days, festivals, gala) every year. Every talented and willing student studying at Ege University can take part in these teams. However, students of the Faculty of Sports Sciences (including the departments of coaching, physical education and sports management), whose skill levels are generally a little better, are included in these teams. New athletes replace the gymnasts who graduate every year. For this reason, the gymnasts in the groups change every year. With these activities, it is aimed to adopt the sportive culture, to love gymnastics, to develop creativity, to gain life experiences with teamwork, to enrich the experience and to improve physical and emotional health.

Ege University Gymnastics Group participates in gymnastics national competitions (with the design apparatus themselves, step and aesthetic group gymnastics) organized by the Turkish University Sports Federation. It is aimed to give these experiences (physical culture, preparation of training and competition, design, creativity) to young people who will become coaches/trainers in these fields in the future.

Ege University Aesthetic Group Gymnastics team has a good success list and many years of experience in national inter-university competitions. And they participated in the Aesthetic Group Gymnastics World Championships in Toronto-Canada in 2008, Brno-Czech Republic in 2016, Helsinki-Finland in 2017, Budapest-Hungary in 2018. Additionally in 2013, they participated in the 11th International Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Tournament Oscar Cup in Rostov-on-Don-Russia. In the Aesthetic Group Gymnastics World Championship held in Helsinki (FIN) in 2017, Ege University AGG won the 3rd place in the IFAGG Trophy Senior Category. In 2018, in the Aesthetic Group Gymnastics World Championship held in Budapest (HUN), Ege University AGG, IFAGG Trophy, Short Program, in the Mixed Senior Category, won the 1st place.

Individual and institutional support is always very important in the preparation of such activities and groups. Dr. Emine Kutlay was Turkey’s first international Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Judge in 2008 and formed the group. In the same year, Ege University Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Team became a member of the International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics. She attended competitions as a coach. She continues her coaching duties (with diferent levels and abilities gymnasts) and aims to train athletes in accordance with AGG culture and philosophy.

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